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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Now and Later Mini Dress. Thrifty Thursday

Hello and happy Thursday my lovelies. So.... I am a sucker for florals (Im a true Libra who adores pretty things) and I especially love a winter floral because it pairs so well with black, grey, and brown (my staple wardrobe colors). Well, I purchased this little mini dress ($17.80!!!) from Forever21 last week and I'm adoring it. I wanted to show you all ways to wear slip dresses now and into fall for maximum versatility. Check it out.

NOW- worn with sandals, aviators, and some little bike shorts underneath so that when Im playing with Noah at the playground I won't get the police called on me for indecent exposure. I love how loose and fluid it feels! Perfect for a super hot summer day.

Then I paired it with skinny jeans, brown boots, a belt to shorten it a bit, and a simple cocoon cardigan over the top. I will definitely be rocking this in the fall. 

Look around your closet, Im positive you have many items like this dress that can be transitioned into early fall for maximum versatility.


Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Midsummer wardrobe pick me up

Happy Wednesday! I needed a little wardrobe pick me up this week. Therefore I snuck on over to Forever21 for a few new cheap pieces. I am REALLY excited to get these.

I adore the hippy print on this little flowy dress. It reminds me of the tapestries I used to buy in college... :) That dress and this sweet filmy floral slip dress will be worn as a tunic top, with these little tap shorts underneath for modesty :) I needed some new aviators and for $5.80, these fit the bill! I love a mid season boost for my wardrobe, it makes dressing so much more fun :)


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tory Burch for Fitbit Flex

So I LOVED my fitbit. But I lost it. Then I washed it. Then I lost it again. So Dan gave me his, and I washed that one too. Fitbit was AWESOME and replaced every one but they finally gave up on me, and me on them. I just can't be trusted with a piece of technology that is the size of a childs pinky finger. It was superior technology though, and I really miss it, especially now with my renewed sense of fitness. So, my jaw was on the floor when I saw these beautiful bracelets and necklace in which to hold the fitbit safely and beautifully. WOW.

I mean, really? How can I resist.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Michigan visit- in a nutshell.

I went home to Ann Arbor, MI, to visit my family last weekend. Just Zoe and I went, and we had a great time but REALLLY missed our boys. I am still getting back into my day to day rhythm so bear with me while I get back on track with blogging but here are some snap shots of what I bought while I was there! Of course Ann Arbor has an anthropologie and also one of my very favorite children's stores ever- Elephant ears. Had to hit them both up of course. :)

This beautiful Cami from Anthro makes me SOOO happy! Its sort of a stretchy silky material and so sweet and feminine. The laser cut scalloped hem is just to die. I wore with a strapless bra and medium wash denim with sandals and flowy curls. I felt like a 60's flower child. And the wild honeysuckle candle. OMG it smells DREAMY. I am a huge sucker for floral candles and anything pretty is my weakness. Love these both. Had to have.

Had to get some gifts for my boys too! I thought Dan needed this authentic Detroit cap. I love the font they use and its just such a classic Detroit symbol. I hope he wears it! Im obsessed with knee socks for toddlers right now and so this little outfit for Noah just screamed at me. I spent almost an hour in Elephant ears and this is what I settled on. This little hat from Wheat, these amazing knee socks, and Tea Collection shorts.

It is always really really hard to leave my family and dearest friends behind and I fantasize about moving back to Ann Arbor all the time, especially now that I have two rug rats. However, its not that simple and moving would be HUGE... Here is a glimpse of my visit...

 Clockwise from top right- Poppy with Zoe, My Papa with Zoe, my Momma with Zoe, and my nephew with Zoe. She got LOTS of love. 
 My papa, my sister and I, My best friend Leif and her daughter Finley (who is 12 hours younger than ZOE!!!), the two babes together, and Zoe with her auntie Elizabeth (whom she is named after- Zoe Elizabeth)
Zoe Elizabeth with her Auntie Elizabeth, hanging at Leif's lake house, me and my Michael, and the house in East Lansing where I was born and spent much of my childhood. Lots of memories there. 


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hip Mommy Series over on Bubby and Bean

My dear friend Melissa has an awesome new feature on her blog Bubby & Bean entitled Hip Mom, Smart Mom, Stylish Mom. I am SO so honored to be the first mom featured! The post is up today. Check it out, and if you haven't checked out her blog before you are in for a treat. She does it up right.... Click on photo below for the full post over on her site.... Happy reading!!!


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Postpartum Weight Watchers Update

So I have been doing this thing for almost two weeks. My first weigh in (which are on Thursdays) I lost 4 pounds. I am not really supposed to be weighing myself before my weigh in again this coming Thursday but let me tell you that I have and this is working. Its AMAZING how many extra points you get for when you are breastfeeding! Dang!

Height: 5'8
Starting Weight: 163
Current Weight: 159
Goal Weight: 145

The biggest changes I have made so far are the following:

1) Tracking EVERY thing I eat. The smartphone app makes it hella easy and I love that. No writing it down. Dan and I are having fun finding out points values of the foods that we love to eat, and we CANNOT believe some of the things we were eating having no idea just how "expensive" they were points wise. For the record, he is not on WW, only me.

2) Adding WAY more fruits and veg. It goes without saying that fruits and veggies are great for you, but they are "free" on this plan, meaning you can eat unlimited amounts of most fruits and veggies with no adding to your points for the day. So, if you eat an enormous green salad loaded with veg and follow up with bread or whatever, the bread and the dressing are the only things you count. Amazing. Adding them ups your vitamins from food intake and also uses volumetrics so you feel full faster.

3) My "cream with coffee" is no longer a bi-daily splurge. I have been digging on Trader Joes Cold Brew coffee concentrate instead, mixed with vanilla almond milk. Instead of 6 points, my twice daily coffee treat is now 2 points each. Thanks Kendra I owe YOU for that lovely points down-swap!

4) Using the weight watchers recipes which are NOT totally lame. This greek chicken sandwich was TO Die, and I made a chopped veg salad to go with it and it was SO so delicious. The BEST watermelon for dessert. YUM.

Im excited and totally motivated by this change. Once I get down to my goal weight I will celebrate by buying myself some new clothes boom.

Its SO hot here in New Hampshire! We are going to the pool after nap time and I am now waiting for Noah to wake up (words I dont say very often!!!!)


Friday, June 27, 2014

Baby/ Toddler Boy Style

People are always asking me where I buy Noahs clothes. Most of them are hand me downs from various friends and family, but that doesnt matter. I hear constantly that people have a hard time dressing their sons, because they are tired of lame text on shirts, super hero propaganda, etc etc- yes I agree that the cheese factor is HIGH.  However,  I am here to tell you that I dont spend a ton of money on Noahs wardrobe at all and he is constantly getting positive comments on his clothes. Its not where you get them but how you put them together that matters. Just like any wardrobe, you need to have fun with it.(of course I LOVE Tea Collection, Rowdy Sprouts, and Mini Boden), but those are not sustainable for me to be buying for every day rough and tumble little boy shenanigans. Here are some of my rules for buying clothes & composing outfits for Noah

1) NO CUTESY SAYINGS. Im sorry but I'm not a fan of shirts that say things like "chic magnet". I get the idea but just not on my baby's chest please. I just think that logos (unless they are cool and funky) and cutesy sayings kind of take away classic timeless looks. Lets also maybe not emblazon OLD NAVY across his chest. No thank you. Carters is FAMOUS for silly text on their shirts. I love their plain white onesises though- they are the best. Exceptions are cool vintage-y tees. I also have a shirt for Noah that says "lettuce turnip the beet. Its fantastic.

2) Fun bright patterns on tees. Stripes, etc, very cool.

3) Classic items, such as denim, fisherman's sweaters, button down shirts, and polos should be peppered through to give the kid a classic look that isn't going to look silly when he looks back at photos many many years from now.

4) Not too many clothes! I buy for versatility, quality, and function. Noah has 5 pair of shorts. That is all he needs. He has about 10 polos and tons of plain white onesies. Two pairs of shoes. he does need a ton esp if it can all be mixed and matched...

This is a Tea Collection hoodie from my favorite kids store lively kids (but dont even enter if you dont want to spend some serious dough), topped with a $7 waffle tee from Old Navy. I love that combo. 

All of this Easter outfit is Old Navy, costing less than $30 total. You have to look for the classic quality items mixed in with all the junk. I LOVE this sweater and bought it for him in grey too. Zoe will wear it when she gets old enough. 

OH MAN I love this Rowdy Sprouts tee!!! As you can see I'm really into layering his look, it gives the impresssion that I really thought about it. He is definitely wearing skinny jeans here. I love them, Dan does not. Oops. 

I LOVE this pic of him, he looks so playful and fun in this outfit. What a great day that was... Layered old navy polo with hand me down shorts and appliqué tee. He has two pair of shoes and this pair has been pictured in every photo- sperry topsiders in a neutral color. SO versatile. Its silly to buy many shoes for them at this age, they grow out of them SO fast!

Here is an outfit from ON, with the sale that is going right now, all of these items add up to just under $43. Boom.

Bright Red Polo under striped tee, untucked over navy chinos. Hat for style, shoes for functionality. 

I honestly love dressing him, and have SO much fun with it. I just bought him these red suspenders from Etsy a few days ago I cannot WAIT to get my hands on those. Fabu. 

Do you have rules for your kids style? Talk to me.